I work beside organizations advocating for social equality, conceiving practical, sustain­able & acces­sible strategies that disseminate their action.

	A pencil illustration to celebrate the diversity that unites us. From left to right; a veiled woman in her fifties, with a determined and confident gaze. She holds a megaphone in her right hand against her hip. She wears a staff card around her neck, implying that she is very active in the fight for Equality. On her left is a black person with frizzy hair. Although this person is wearing female clothing, they are wearing badges on their chest with non-binary and trans flags, which reminds us that we can never know a person's gender identity without asking them. They are chubby, beyond the norms imposed by society. They wears a septum piercing, a t-shirt that highlights their chest and shorts. Their legs are unshaved. The Body Positive movement is recalled here. They wears socks with the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag. On their left, a third character with a cap, piercings, a beard and a leather jacket. He has a prosthesis from his knee on the left side. He has pins on his jacket, an anarchist sign, a First Nations sign and a feminist sign including non-binary and trans identites. He is holding the hand of a child for whom we have no information about gender identity. This child may have a down syndrome, but this is not clearly indicated by the illustration. They have a yellow t-shirt  with a red star, from the anti-nuclear energy movement. They have a plastic dinosaur in the pocket of their jumpsuit, which reminds us of current climate issues and endangered species. They dances, reminding us of the innocence of childhood.

Having worked as a freelancer for many years on various projects, I have observed difficulties in many associations, community-based organizations and social enterprises to equip themselves with adapted communication tools.

Today, I work with those advocating equality, diversity, visibility and inclusion by developing communication strategies that enable them to better disseminate their work and mobilize their audience.

What does it mean?